The Mobile Biodiversity project is jointly developed by the municipality of Kresna (Lead Beneficiary), Students Media World Association (PB2), the municipality of Paggaio (PB3) and D.E.P.AN. City Network (PB4) providing scientific actions and public awareness actions on the territory of the Kresna and Paggaio municipalities.

Municipality of Kresna

The municipality of Kresna covers parts of the Struma river valley with picturesque Kresna Gorge, the western branches of the Pirin Mountains and the northeast slopes of the Maleshevska Mountain. The area is attractive with its identity and natural beauty. The municipality is located in South-West Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad District and consists of town Kresna and 9 villages.

The municipality has an important logistics and geographic location as the shortest road connecting the capital city of Bulgaria and neighboring Greece passes through the town of Kresna – first-class international Road E-79 and the Sofia – Koulata – Athens railway line.

Student Media World Association

Student Media world association /SMWA/ is a Bulgarian NGO, based in the town of Blagoevgrad. It was established in 2010. The mission of the Association is to foster modern and sustainable development values and practices through bridging society and environment, explore and address environmental challenges while building skills in teamwork and communication, research, data collection and analysis, community engagement, and reflection. SMWA’s efforts are to help in building strong and responsible civil society, good governance and accountable business to safeguard our environment and improve people’s life.

Municipality of Paggaio

Paggaio is a municipality in the Regional Unit of Kavala, Region of East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece. The headquarters is in Elefethroupoplis which is 645 kilometres from Athens, 135km. from Thessaloniki and 16.6 km from Kavala. Paggaio consists of the following communities: Eleftheroupolis, Pieres, Paggaio, Eleftheres and Orfano with total population of 32 085 (2011) inhabitants living in an area of 698,01 square kilometers. Its name came from the Mountain of Paggaio, which dominates the entire municipality. Paggaio is a place of distinct natural beauty, with rich flora and fauna, true challenge for mountain lovers and of alternative tourism.

Hellenic development city network

Hellenic Development City Network, D.E.P.AN. – City Network, is a non-profit organization, which was officially established in 2015 and is an initiative of forty–nine sponsoring organizations, municipalities and regions, from Greece, which support financially the Network. The main objective of D.E.P.AN.- City Network is to promote cooperation among its members and other entities which are not members of the network towards the improvement of the physical, cultural, social environment and the level of people’s welfare through the implementation of the quadruple helix model and the utilization of all available resources.