Objectives and Benefits

objectives and benefits

The Mobile Biodiversity project will bring significant added value for society by providing biodiversity knowledge and state-of-the-art, innovative educational tools and facilities that will demonstrate attractive visualizations and training approaches.


The overall objective of the Mobile Biodiversity project is to analyze and sustain/improve the biodiversity status of the habitats on the territory of Kresna and Paggaio municipalities.

The overall project goals will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

  • assessment of the biodiversity status of habitats in Kresna and Paggaio municipalities and development of a joint monitoring database;
  • elaboration and pilot implementation of a joint strategy for biodiversity protection;

development of educational tools and facilities and piloting an effective educational campaign for biodiversity protection to trigger a behavioral change in the general public


The project addresses the common territorial challenges related to effective biodiversity protection in the CB area of Bulgaria and Greece, which is acknowledged by the Program as a major issue requiring joint CB actions. Effective CB cooperation is demonstrated in all Mobile Biodiversity project activities. All partners provide complementary expertise and deliverables, jointly contributing to the achievement of project objectives and results. The joint efforts of CB population and institutions allow for more effective resource sharing and protection. Cooperation and exchange of best practices lead to increased effectiveness of targeted measures. Joint actions based on the concept of mutual support reinforce environment protection and social integration and build a liaison between nations.