project overview

Cross-border cooperation is essential for the future of biodiversity in the territories of the Municipalities of Kresna and Paggaio and is demonstrated in the project through the creation of opportunities for collaboration, exchange of know-how and best practices. The project’s actions include: biodiversity assessment, development of a joint monitoring biodiversity database, development of innovative training tools and facilities, and promotion of biodiversity awareness in the CB area.

Promotion of biodiversity awareness

The Mobile Biodiversity project answers the major cross border challenge for biodiversity protection. Although the environment is one of the most valuable assets, its potential is not exploited sufficiently. The Program area reveals higher levels of vulnerability to climate change as compared to EU 28 and Greek and Bulgarian national levels. The combined CB adaptive capacity is among the lowest in Europe. The area features also considerable ecological connectivity degree and respectively faces similar challenges – reduction of nesting sites, forest fires, etc. The main challenges identified encompass CB coordination in mapping, assessing and valuating common ecosystems, implementation of joint policy for protection of distinctive habitats and promotion of biodiversity awareness.

Improved biodiversity management

The project approach envisages territorially integrated actions for improved biodiversity management on CB level in compliance with the specific objectives of INTERREG V-A COOPERATION PROGRAMMΕ: GREECE – BULGARIA 2014-2020. The planned actions, which define an innovative approach for presenting specific and scientific information through attractive ICT solutions for the protection of distinctive habitats and the promotion of biodiversity awareness, address the identified needs of Kresna and Paggaio municipalities within the CB area.